Nani Facing Criticism As Host

Nani Facing Criticism As Host

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Natural star nani who has been in full swing with consecutive hits in his career and recently faced a disaster with krishnarjuna yuddham but it didn’t hit that hard to his career and he got an opportunity to host bigg boss season 2. As compared to first season Where jr.ntr was the host has earned positive reviews in hosting the show. But in the second season nani is been facing a lot of criticism even losing his fame and getting trolled even blamed for favoritism in housemates.

As the rumors are out that nani is not aware of what’s happening in the bigg boss house instead hired a team of script writers from a private channel and those script writers are guiding nani. As per his busy schedule nani is also participating in his film shooting devdas which is scheduled to release on september 27 and natural star is not finding one hour a day to watch bigg boss from his busy schedule and completely depending on his script writers.

So analyzing everything the natural star is moving forward to take down some considerable serious measures to rub out the negative vibes And to end the show with applause all over.


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