Rajasekhar Committing Similar Mistake Once Again

Rajasekhar Committing Similar Mistake Once Again

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Senior actor Dr. Rajasekhar, who was thrilled with Garuda Vega for reviving his career after being almost written off, is committing the same mistake that he did with his last outing. Though attaining a cult status the over budget Garuda Vega failed to make even the money that was spent to make it.

The film overshot its budget by nearly three times than Dr Rajasekhar’s market potential. Obviously, he suffered huge monetary losses due to the film. In spite of the losses, he is said to have not learnt his lessons properly. Sources confirmed that Rajasekhar is once again making the mistake with his upcoming film Kalki. ‘Awe’ fame Prashanth Varma will be directing the film, which is a period thriller demanding higher budget. Reports said a set worth Rs. 5 crore was already erected for the movie. Therefore, to put a check on their expenses, the filmmakers are said to have compromised on the choice of heroines. They roped in struggling actresses Adah Sharma and Nandita Shweta as the female leads.

To be a safe venture, given his reach and pull at the box office, Dr Rajasekhar should complete the movie within Rs. 15 crore, or else he will lose heavily again.

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