Samantha Voice Could Be A Disaster

Samantha Voice Could Be A Disaster

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Samantha a very well known name in south indian film industry.

Especially in telugu film industry the actress has huge fame and later when samantha became spouse of akkineni naga chaitanya the adorable couple has a special attraction everywhere and after marriage her continuous successful films with her best acting performances made her a lady superstar in telugu.


Generally the actresses who are married will get faded down slowly but samantha is quite opposite to that kind of tradition, the actress is very busy with continuous films. Recently she started telling her own dubbing as well.


With her recent film mahanti samantha is adding her own voice with performance, in the film mahanati has its a stammering lady role her voice was not keenly noticed by many but her recent flick u-turn trailer has released her own voice in the film seems disturbing the atmosphere in the film.


And its widely said that samantha should have continued with her dubbing artist chinmayi. Even there’s a rumour out that as the makers have got the same feedback that samantha’s voice seems as the big draw back for the film.

Even the makers of u-turn considering all the inputs and feedback are in tought that to rope in chinmayi for dubbing chinmayi’s voice to samantha’s role and to completely delete samantha’s voice as her voice issue could turn the result of the film. If this news could be true then how samantha would react upon the news is an interesting point.

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