Savyasachi A Real Test For Naga Chaitanya

Savyasachi A Real Test For Naga Chaitanya

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Though hero Naga Chaitanya is good at playing a lover boy in romantic movie, his action films are a huge burden on his producers. Whenever he had done an action film, that more or less bombed big causing huge losses to the producers. Action has always been his weak link so far.

However, his upcoming Friday release, Savyasachi, is again an action-packed thriller that has been directed by Chandoo Mondeti. The movie took a long time to complete and hit the screens across the two Telugu states. With the result, the movie’s expenses overshot the budget plans. According to sources close with the production house, Savyasachi has cost the producers more than Rs. 33 crore, including publicity expenses.

Obviously, this is way above Chaitanya’s market estimates. Though the producers are said to have recovered most of their investments through theatrical business and other rights, the real test for Chaitu’s Savyasachi could be at the box office.

The actor’s previous outing, Shailaja Reddy Alludu, was an average fare in spite of its pre-release hungama.Savyasachi needs to better Chaitu’s big hit as solo hero Rarandoi Veduka Chuddam to help the buyers to breakeven.Will it bring in good revenues? That needs to be seen.

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