Sri Reddy With Her Reddy Biopic

Sri Reddy With Her Reddy Biopic


Sri reddy the most controversial actress from tollywood. Her popularity raised nationwide when she has stood half naked in front of the telugu film chamber as a protest on movie artists association. Sri reddy has cornered many celebrities putting casting couch allegations over them.As any how none of them responded or countered on sri reddy comments. And the controversial actress is repeatedly speaking to media and warning that she has all kinds of proofs regarding who ever have cheated her promising good offers but later drained All their promises made to her and used her for their comforts and needs.

Even sri reddy stated that she would bring out all those proofs into limelight when proper time comes in future and will not get frightened for any threat calls. As per her recent update when she spoke to the tamil media the controversial actress made an interesting announcement that sri reddy would be making her biopic with the title of reddy biopic.

And the film will be shot in tamil as nadigar sangam has completely expressed their support to the film. Alauddin would be handling the mega phone for this controversial project. At the end the actress dropped a bomb that she would be revealing some facts about the celebrities who have denied her personally and professionally.

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