Stunning Remuneration To Sunil

Stunning Remuneration To Sunil

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Sunil at his initial days struggled to begin his career in tollywood as a comedian. Later has days progressed he turned up has a successful star comedian in tollywood. And his image and remuneration as a comedian was high which was almost equal to senior comedians like brahmanandam.

As sunil was enjoying super stardom has a comedian in tollywood. He took a serious turn from comedian to hero. Even at his initial days as hero his career was in full swing with back to back hits with comic scripts and characters he played but later improper script selection and running up for heroism brought continuous flops as hero and made his market completely down to zero.

Later this star comedian was suggested by his well wishers to turn back as comedian again and to start a fresh. Even sunil fans where wishing him to be back as comedian and his dear friend director trivikram has offered him a comedian role in his upcoming film Aravinda sametha starring jr.ntr in the lead role.

And recently the teaser of Aravinda sametha was released and there was a glimpse of sunil’s presence in the teaser. Watching it many fans of this star comedian were happy as the glimpse reminded the previous comic roles played by sunil in various films.

Even sunil re-entry as comedian has raised hype of Aravinda sametha to heights. More ever, as per the sources the news is out that the makers of Aravinda sametha are paying a huge remuneration to sunil.

Where this star comedian is been charging a stunning remuneration of 3.5 lakhs per day for his re-entry film and he might increase his remuneration for his upcoming films as well which seems that sunil would be a hard competitor for vennela kishore now.

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