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Superstar Krishna Biopic In Talks

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Superstar krishna began his career with minor roles in films such as Padandi Mundhuku, Kulagothralu and in many more films. Later the actor was also selected to play the lead role in hit movie Gudachaari 116, which brought the detective genre of films to the forefront in Telugu cinema. Action films were his actual standard which made krishna a star actor within a short period of time. Even the actor has also acted with NTR & ANR in many films. The veteran actor has produced several high budget films under his own established production house named padmalaya films. Superstar Krishna is credited for introducing many technological first to telugu cinema. The actor has acted in first Cinemascope, DTS ,70mm movies made in telugu. The 69 year old actor has acted in more than 350 films in his career for spanning five decades.

Now, based on the real life story of this Superstar, his son in law Sudheer babu is planning to make the biopic of this veteran star. Even Sudheer babu would himself act in the role of Superstar Krishna and the rest casting and the chief technicians details are yet to be announced. This interesting biopic is been bankrolled by himself in his home banner Sudheer babu Productions. As the actor is busy with multiple projects in hand and this prestigious biopic would move onto the sets by next year. And it seems that even Mahesh babu has no constraints with Sudheer babu for making his father biopic instead wants to give him all the support in making a successful biopic.

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