Telugu Film Distributors In US See Huge Losses

Telugu Film Distributors In US See Huge Losses

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Key distributors of Telugu movies in the United States of America are in the red for the last two months. Post “Geeetha Govindam”, no film has brought profits to them and they are witness to big flops. Every film tanked including “Shailaja Reddy Alludu”, “Silly Fellows”, “Manu”, “Nannu Dochukunuduvate”, “Devadas”, “NOTA”, “Hello Guru Prema Kosame”, “Veera Bhoga Vasantha Rayalu” and now Naga Chaitanaya starrer “Savyasachi”. The list of loss making movies is huge.

Nani’s “Devadas” was considered a safe project, but it flopped miserably and even the much-hyped Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao’s “Aravindha Sametha” failed to break-even even though the movie’s gross collections were huge initially.

“Savyasachi” tanks

There were huge expectations when last weekend “Savyasachi” released, but it too tanked and it did not even touch the $300k mark in the opening weekend itself. The movie has turned out to be the second flop for Chaitu in 2018.

Chandoo Mondeti feels guilty

Following the utter flop of “Savyasachi”, director Chandoo Mondeti started feeling guilty as till now Mythri Movie Makers had a name of its own as the production house, which earned the image that it produces only entertaining commercial movies that have solid scripts. However, with the release of “Savyasachi”, the production house took a beating as it had an incoherent script.

Nobody is blaming the producers as they pumped in huge cash and extended full support to the director Chandoo Mondeti. Some industry insiders feel that the producers had spoiled the director by giving him too much cash. This obviously sends an alarm to all the producers to be careful with their costs in their future productions. All said and done, all fingers are pointing towards him for the total mess and people feel that the director did not handle the concept well.

Third flop in a row

Following a disappointing first weekend for “Savyasachi”, Chaitu’s desperate search for success continues as the movie is the third flop in a row for the actor. Chaitu is at present working for Siva Nirvana’s film in which he romances Samantha. Senior actor Venkatesh is his co-star and the new film will hit the floors soon.

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