The Unsung Hero With Sword

The Unsung Hero With Sword

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Sye raa narasimha reddy the most awaited film of mega star chiranjeevi. Mega star portrays the role of narasimha reddy who was the unsung hero of india during the british rule. Narasimha reddy provoked that we need to raise our swords for our re-birth and to uphold our own independence. His story is all about courage and freedom. His sword was his mighty strength and belief.

And now mega star chiranjeevi in the role of narasimha reddy depicts all these lines in his acting abilities with ease. As the teaser of sye raa narasimha reddy is out. The 1 minute 19 seconds teaser is just marvelous.

Starting from the production values of konidela production company is spectacular in dealing with. and the art department of sye raa is worth dealing historical films. Even a special mention for the visuals in the film are a wonder. The cinematography steals the show with the creative direction which is top notch point in the teaser and the R.R is superb which adds on as an additional asset.

And the teaser as a whole is receiving overwhelming response all over and the team of sye raa has been successful in raising expectations before the release of the film. And hoping that sye raa could be an another trademark film in tollywood.

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