Tollywood’s Young Hero Seems Unstoppable

Tollywood’s Young Hero Seems Unstoppable

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Nara Rohit is one among the most happening lead actor in Telugu Cinema. The actor made his debut with Baanam in 2009. The film was critically appreciated and from then the actor has made many versatile films but he couldn’t generate any decent or stable viewership for his films. In Spite holding continuous flops the actor is busy making back to back films. Actually Nara Rohit holds an unstable market his films hardly collect a share of one crore rupees and knowing his market capability how could some other producers can bankroll his films is a big question, Even some say that the actor himself invests his own money in his films from backdoor and presents out other new production company name which is an unofficial news.

Leaving Nara Rohit’s financial status a side, the actor has even faced many criticisms for his low acting skills and his physical appearances on screen. Later, analyzing his week sections the actor is working hard on them which is an appreciative point in him. Even the actor seems like he had also changed his mindset to make some different concept oriented films which helps him to showcase his mettle in acting and also to develop his market.

Accordingly, Nara Rohit is gearing up with his upcoming films Veera Bhoga Vasantha Rayalu which is slated to release on 26th October and the trailer of the film holds enough buzz. Even the versatile flick has excellent actors like Sree Vishnu, Sudheer Babu and Shriya Saran in the other lead roles. The film has been produced by Apparao Bellana under Baba Creations production banner. On the other side Nara Rohit seems unstoppable with continuous films Aata Naade Veta Naade, Shabdam, Pandagala Vachadu and Anaganaga Dakshinadhilo which are on the different stages of production.

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