Trivikram Doesn't Like To Shoot Scenes That Show Kids Suffering

Trivikram Doesn’t Like To Shoot Scenes That Show Kids Suffering

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Some directors do not like to shoot certain type of scenes. But, if they have to shoot such scenes they try to make changes and shoot them differently. Director Trivikram Srinivas too doesn’t like to shoot certain scenes. When questioned, he said, “I love small children. That is why I can’t shoot scenes that depict children suffering.”

He further said, “In films by other director too, I can’t see situations where children are shown suffering. In a recent Nayanthara movie ‘Kartavyam’, there is a situation where a baby falls into an open borewell. That’s all, I switched off the television set as I couldn’t bear to see that movie. Not only in films . . . even in TV . . . newspaper, I cannot bear to hear of such news items.”

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