Tv Star Prabhakar In Debts For Dream

Tv Star Prabhakar In Debts For Dream




Tv star prabhakar who is a well known face for keen television viewers. He acted and produced serials in telugu and the tv star always had a dream to direct films as he is very passionate about direction but his journey went through in acting and producing serials. And finally prabhakar wants to fulfil his dreams, as his first step he narrated a script for allu sirish but due to his prior commitments he couldn’t join with prabhakar and still the tv star not losing hopes narrated the script to Aadi saikumar.

Somehow the project got kickstarter and went for a box office release and the wrong release strategy dropped the film at the box office which turned as a flop. Even after facing such a big flop prabhakar din’t loss his hope on proving him as a successful director and as his second attempt recently he came up with a film titled brand babu Starring sumanth shailendra and eesha rebba in the leads as even the successful comedy director maruthi was backing up the project even the film was promoted to create huge hype but after the release the film was dropped at box office due to the boring content.

Hence, the tv star prabhakar has faced second failure with his second flick also. And the shocking aspect revealed in recent times is that prabhakar himself has invested half of the budget for both the films and faced huge losses as his both films stood as disasters at the box office. So now prabhaker seems to be in debts and calling his friends for some financial support. and trying up all the contacts for getting back into serials to work and earn as he himself lost his hard earned money to fulfill his directorial dreams.

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