VBVR Director Hits Out At Reviewers For Film’s Failure

VBVR Director Hits Out At Reviewers For Film’s Failure

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Whenever a film fails, there are some actors and directors who lash out at critics. Same is the case with ‘Veera Bhoga Vasantha Rayalu’. This film had created good pre-release buzz, but hit the dust post release. Critics panned it with reviews.

An angry debutante director R Indrasena immediately lashed out at the critics tweeting, ‘U can save a bad movie with good reviews. But u can’t kill a good movie with worse reviews. Shame on u. ‘VBVR’ is a CULT movie. And it will get it’s due CULT status slowly by time’.

Indrasena feels that reviewers are not capable enough to understand the totality of ‘VBVR’. He then called the reviewers as pseudo intellectual brains. Critics said this is not a good sign for a young filmmaker and explained that failure is acceptable, but not arrogance. They even said, “If he can’t take criticism in his stride, at least he should be able to know how to make a flawless movie. Hope, he awakens during the Himalaya trip for his own well-being.”

Meanwhile, actor Sree Vishnu, who played a key role in ‘VBVR’ said he has got nothing to do with the personal views of Indrasena.

‘I genuinely respect all the reviews and opinions for I will see you soon with my next project..hope your wishes are with me as always. I don’t have any relation with what the director and the production team has quoted about reviewers and the posters. In my view, I always supported and respected reviewers !!,’ he asserted.

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