Why Is Boyapati Angry?

Why Is Boyapati Angry?

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Director Boyapati Srinivas is spewing venom at the public relations team of hero Ram Charan for mishandling the publicity of his current movie.

Recently, there have been rumours galore in the media on Boyapati’s present project. News reports suggested that hero Ram Charan is not happy with Boyapati’s work. Media rumours also speculated that their current movie has been pulled out from the Sankranti competition.

Earlier, Boyapati had worked with his own PR team but this time Ram Charan’s team is handling all the publicity. He is no doubt miffed with the PR team’s work. The director believes that the PR team is not doing anything to stop these rumours on the movie.

Meanwhile, Ram Charan’s fans are also complaining that the PR team was not giving any information on the Boyapati movie’s title and first look. In order to take damage control measures, producer Danayya has entered the scene.

Danayya also announced that the film is an action drama on the lines of ‘Gangleader’ with an ensemble cast of Prasanth, Sneha and Bollywood actor Vivek Oberai.

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