Young Hero Raj Tarun Finds The Path

Young Hero Raj Tarun Finds The Path

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Raj tharun a young hero in Tollywood film industry. The actor has achieved lover boy image in a span of short time with his hat-trick hit films at the box office. And managed to maintain a decent fan base with a mid-range market of viewership for his films.

Raj tarn understanding his scope and stage as an actor, he hired a manager who is also a known actor and has enough experience to look after his dates even to set up crazy combinations to play a key role in his long film career. But it was his wrong step to hire that actor as his manager, where raj Tarun realized it after all the damage was done to his acting career.

A prominent production house analyzing the actor’s growth from a newcomer to a talented star actor has signed him for continuous films under their production which was the deal set by raj tarun’s manager for a whooping remuneration. Even Raj Tarun had his eyes on the whooping remuneration and signed the deal.

And the actor’s downfall just began with this deal. Both the manager and the actor showed negligence in the process of script selection which is actually very important and a career-defining phase for an actor.

As a result, now raj Tarun is left without a single movie after facing continuous flops where his minimum guarantee market got completely shrunken. And the young actor is now analyzing the reasons for his failures and planning remedies to bounce back with new genre films. And has his first step towards re-birth as an actor, Raj Tarun drops his manager from managing his work which he himself wants to take care of.

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