Paper Boy Movie Review | Paper Boy

Paper Boy Movie Review

  • Producer : Sampath Nandi
  • Staring : Santosh Shoban, Riya Suman and Tanya Hope
  • Director : V.Jaya Shankar
  • Music Director : Bheems
  • Cinematography : Sounder Rajan
  • Story : Sampath Nandi



Paper boy the most happening film in telugu film industry from recent times. As even recently released Narthanasala received negative    comments and became a flop. Everyone hoped that paperboy would bring out some kickass box office results has its teasers and promos  where promising while big stars like Mahesh babu, Prabhas, Allu Arjun have supported the project. Even Allu Aravind collaborating in the distribution raised huge hype on the film as there is immense support from all the corners and finally the film has released with high hopes.

Story : Santosh Sobhan in & as Ravi who is a paper boy falls in love of Dharani (Riya), Feeling the intensity of love even Dharani also happens to fall in love with Ravi. But there rich and poor status becomes a problem for them to get United. What did Ravi do then? Against all the odds he is facing, How did Ravi win his love? What happens in the end? Which forms the story of the movie.

Performances : Santosh Shoban though this is his debut he had showcased his wonderful acting skills in the movie. There are some flaw mistakes he did but haven’t affected the movie much. Riya Suman delivered an elegant performance. She looks very gorgeous in the film and even her acting also will impress the viewers. Tanya Hope marks her presence with her cuteness and action. Posani krishna murali has entertained all. The rest of the cast also have justified their roles. But all the problem was with the slow-paced script.

Other aspects : The technical team has showcased their extraordinary works. Cinematography by Sounder Rajan stood as an attracting element in the film. Bheems has given music for the film as all the songs seems okay but the background score was impressive. Tammiraju has edited the film so neatly. Lastly, production values are the biggest asset of the film. Sampath nandi has the producer of the film just gave all his best for the film and V.Jayashankar who directed the film has executed the story well.

Verdict : The best part of the movie is the refreshing treatment. But the predictable story. Even the conflict that arises between a rich girl and the poor guy was very old and regular. The first half of the movie is slow. The conflict was clear, but the director dragged it and couldn’t narrate the story in an engaging manner. The comedy elements in the film are forcely kept to entertain somehow Bithiri sathi manages it.


Acting performances.

Production values.

Background score.


Slow -paced narration.

Bottom line:

Paperboy is a fresh attempt but the old content and slow narration brings the film down.


30.5 mb