Spyder Review

  • Producer : NV Prasad, Tagore Madhu
  • Staring : Mahesh Babu, Rakul Preet Singh, SJ Surya, Priyadarshi, Bharath etc
  • Director : AR MUrugadoss
  • Music Director : Harris Jayaraj
  • Cinematography : Santosh Sivan

Mahesh Babu’s Spyder is a hugely awaited film of the year by the audience and fans. Since its inception, the movie has generated much hype among the audience and finally, it released in worldwide theatres today, receiving a positive response from the audience. Rakul Preet will be seen playing the love interest of Mahesh Babu in the film. SJ Suryah portrays an antagonist role in the movie which has become a hot topic among the Telugu and Tamil audience.

Coming to the story Mahesh Babu plays Shiva who will be working in the Intelligence Bureau office. With the latest technology, he tries to help the society who are suffering from various kinds of issues including Land mafia, cheating etc.
One day, he’ll get a call from an unknown number but that call changes everything in Shiva’s life. Within few days, the city witnesses two murders and as Shiva tries to find out the reasons behind their murders but gets to know interesting facts about so many others involved.Who murdered them? Is there any relationship between the murder and SJ Suryah’s character? How will Rakul Preet’s character enter Shiva’s life?  etc form the remaining plot.
Spyder on whole is a decent spy thriller, there no many films on spy especially in Tollywood, this movie is a good opener. Even though the plot is weak, the racy screenplay is the saviour, apart from the screenplay Mahesh Babu and SJ Surya performance is top notch. One must definitely watch this for atleast their performances.Technically Spyder is extremely satisfying, CGI is good and direction of AR Murugadoss is as usually good.
On whole Spyder turns out to be one time watch.
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