'S&P' Global, Blood Donation Camp, A Thing To Remember

‘S&P’ Global, Blood Donation Camp, A Thing To Remember


We at Thalassemia and Sickle Cell Society (TSCS), a registered NGO since 1998, strive hard to treat all the children who have been suffering from Thalassemia. We are running a campaign on this deadly disease and endeavoring to create a proper awareness among the people. So far, we have treated many patients suffering from ‘Thalassemia’, we do not say that this has happened only because of us, there are many helping hands out there who came forward to donate blood and supported us in this mission. One among such helping hands is ‘S&P’ Global , an international business agency, located at Kondapur, Hyderabad.

The employees of ‘S&P’ Global company has come forward to donate blood and to save a life, calling by the number there we approximately 250 employees, who donated blood to the patients suffering from ‘Thalassemia’. The blood donation campaign took place on 23rd of this month at Kondapur, Hyderabad.


As many are not very much aware about the disease, here we give a glimpse, Thalassemia is a genetic blood disorder, people who are affected with Thalassemia have low hemoglobin which might lead to a severe anemia. Hemoglobin is found in ‘Red Blood Cells’ which helps in carrying ‘Oxygen’ to every individual body parts, when there isn’t enough hemoglobin in the ‘Red Blood Cells’, oxygen cannot get to all parts of the body, where organs starve for ‘Oxygen’ and couldn’t function properly. Patients who are affected by Thalassemia should go through regular blood transfusions for survival, usually every 2 to 3 weeks. Nearly 5% of the people in the world have been suffering with this Thalassemia disease. Coming to India, around 3.5 Crore people are suffering with Thalassemia and worse part is that nearly, 10 – 12 thousand babies are born with this disease.

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S&P Global officers Nischal Patel, Pulipati Sreenivas & Latha Kakarla have appreciated our staff who are working hard to eradicate such a deadly diseased, they also thanked for conducting and fulfilling such a social activity. The employees who had donated blood expressed their happiness and stated that “blood donation is almost equal to giving life”, they were extremely overwhelmed with the blood donation programme.

S&P Global company will be taking the social responsibility in the future also and the staff members will be involved in their further activities.

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