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Is Arjun Reddy a new “addiction” to the youth?


Vijay Devarakonda, who has become a familiar face to the whole state with the huge success of his debut film, “Pelli chupulu” has taken the spot light onto him one more time with his latest film, Arjun Reddy. The film could have been any other regular telugu movie with a tinge of adult comedy or something, at least that’s what the audience felt while watching the first teaser of Arjun Reddy which looks like it is a character introduction of the protagonist. But from the middle of the teaser where Vijay delivers the dialogue, “em matladutunnav ra  maadarchod?”, it really shook the audience questioning themselves what they were watching.


The bold approach of the director, Sandeep Reddy Vanga has then made a hard hitting impression regarding the film, which ends with a catchy crescendo by the music director, Radhan in a blood boiling way which itself is depicted in the title formation of Arjun Reddy. Before the hangover of the teaser is out, the trailer too had hit the audience without letting down any of the expectations. Now, the trailer also portrayed the romantic side of the movie in a fresh, innovative way possible. The trailers already tell majority of the story which is going to be how a regular intense love story had turned a first class student with anger management issues into an utter addict who consoles himself being immersed in the high of cigars, booze, weed and pot. May be this is the first time ever a telugu film has portrayed the usage of weed this directly.


The actress when seen individually turns out to be apt for the role but when both of them are seen as a pair, their looks itself are promising a beautifully choreographed high school romance, may be in a fresh yet bold way. May be the film might not have a huge following in terms of quantity of the audience awaiting its release, but even the minimal sector of people who got high with the trailers of Arjun Reddy are already waiting intensely for the movie like drug addicts waiting to be given one more shot. Apart from the ultimate, uncompromised bold approach of the director for a regular telugu film, Vijay too gets equal credit at the same level. Not only because of his performance as an addict and a short tempered guy, but also because of his decision making to accept such a bold script after a huge commercial success. When he could have survive doing any other commercial rom-coms in which the audience have already accepted him, Vijay’s transformation as Arjun Reddy really deserves a huge applause.


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