AMC’s The Walking Dead Season 10 Episode 19 and 20 Full Review


The Walking Dead season 10

As The Walking Dead season 10 approaches its thrilling conclusion, fans eagerly anticipate the last two episodes set to air in the coming weeks. This season, which was extended to 22 episodes, delves deeper into the characters' backgrounds, shedding light on the paths that have shaped them into the survivors we know today.

The initial episodes of the season provided a compelling glimpse into the challenges our beloved characters face in a world overrun by zombies. The tension between Maggie and Negan remains palpable, while Carol and Daryl navigate the unforgiving wilderness. Daryl's discovery of a barn leads to a revelation about his bond with a faithful canine companion and a past love he was forced to leave behind.

Let's dive into episodes 19 and 20 to uncover the surprises they have in store.

The Walking Dead Season 10 Episodes 19 and 20 Reviews

Episode 19 Review:

  • Father Gabriel's Quest: Father Gabriel and his one-armed companion embark on a dangerous journey in search of food.
  • Unexpected Discovery: Their quest leads them to an abandoned shop, unknowingly turned into a makeshift prison by a desperate man holding his brother captive.
  • Dark Turn: What initially seems like a comfortable night of sustenance takes a sinister turn as they fall into the captor's clutches.
  • Deadly Games: The episode unfolds with deadly games, ultimately resulting in the captor's demise.

Episode 20 Review:

  • Princess and Captivity: Princess, Eugene, and Yumiko are captured by a group of mysterious storm trooper-like defenders, newly introduced to the series.
  • Confinement: They are confined to decommissioned train coaches, where tensions run high.
  • Princess's Resolve: Princess, grappling with the situation, starts to hallucinate, believing Ezekiel has come to their aid.
  • Solo Mission: Determined to free her friends, Princess embarks on a perilous solo mission, confronting their captors in a bold bid for freedom.
  • Airing Schedule: Don't miss the remaining episodes of The Walking Dead season 10, airing every Sunday on AMC.

As the anticipation mounts, don't miss the remaining episodes of The Walking Dead season 10, airing every Sunday on AMC. Stay tuned for more twists and turns as the story hurtles toward its gripping conclusion.

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